Permanent Staffing Solutions

Looking for impressive candidates? Premier Legal Staffing is thoroughly familiar with the legal recruiting environment and is proud to provide the highest quality service and expertise in the industry. We are dedicated to implementing the most innovative and effective recruiting and research strategies for law firms and corporate legal departments to precisely meet our clients’ hiring needs and objectives.

Finding the best talent to ensure a successful direct-hire requires forward thinking and diligent search methods. We have established outstanding research tools and a superior state-of-the-art database that allows us to track top legal professionals nationwide and internationally, even those not found in any legal publications. By proactively leveraging our industry knowledge, Premier Legal Staffing has built a solid reputation for producing on-point candidates in a timely fashion. We build successful new relationships based on the value and quality of the candidates presented.

Our Executive Recruiters are engaged in every step of the process, from understanding our clients’ most detailed legal and scientific requirements to locating the highest achieving candidates, to finalizing acceptance and start date. We stay connected with the legal market and current trends, and we leverage our knowledge to benefit our clients. Our goal is to assist our clients recruit and retain outstanding attorneys as cost-effectively as possible.

Contact us to learn more about our legal staffing and recruitment services and refer to our Specialized Practice Areas webpage for additional details about the areas in which we specialize, technically and legally.

Contract Staffing Solutions

Premier Legal Staffing employs some of the finest legal professional available. We represent highly sophisticated and experienced contract attorneys, entry level professionals, and specialized support staff. Boosting productivity and driving bottom-line results are a few of the advantages our clients report by engaging in a contract hiring strategy.

Clients may appreciate the benefits from a contract hire:

  • When there is an increase in workflow
  • When there is specialized legal or technical expertise required
  • When seeking more flexibility in the hiring process and prefer to further evaluate the candidate’s skills part-time before converting into a full-time hire.
  • When managing the cost of hiring and economic uncertainty

More detailed advantages of hiring a candidate on a contract basis include:

Growth & Retention

Reduce peaks in workload, achieve growth, and secure a higher retention rate among current employees by building and incorporating a contract staffing strategy to help maintain more consistent and sustainable hours for your employees. Increased workload can be caused by a surge in business, an employee going on leave, or someone unexpectedly giving notice. Our sophisticated contract hires can step right in and eliminate the additional and unfortunate pressure of an increased workload.

Try Before You Buy

Evaluate a contract hire’s performance and culture fit by providing the candidate a specific work assignment or a certain amount of hours/week. View a contract hire as an extension of the interview; after which you may offer the candidate more hours or full-time employment.

Reduce Costs & Liability

Since the contract hire is a PLS employee, there is less law firm employment liability. In addition, PLS handles all payroll and social security, health benefits, 401K, etc. Ultimately, contract hires can save our client both time and money.

Greater Access to Talent

Gain immediate access to a broader range of highly qualified and sophisticated legal talent. Our outstanding pool of contract candidates can offer outstanding and valuable credentials, top training, and very specific or general legal and technical expertise which can be of significant value to our clients.

Increase Flexibility

Save money and resources by acquiring the expertise needed for a particular project, or the occasions that it makes economic sense to employ specialized skills on an as-needed or project bases.


Premier Legal Staffing employs some of the most outstanding contract professionals available to meet our client’s hiring objectives. We aim to understand our client’s requirements and provide the very best qualified talent on the market. Discover the rewards of engaging contract professionals by contacting one of our recruiters for more information today.

eDiscovery Staffing Solutions

The complexity of today’s eDiscovery and litigation requirements can make finding qualified support a challenge. Our comprehensive eDiscovery Staffing Solutions combine the highest qualified candidates with the help of streamlined processes and leading technologies. Premier Legal Staffing is dedicated to providing a smooth process for law firms and corporate legal departments, allowing our clients to maintain operations and superior business performance while seeking to add eDiscovery staff.

We provide tailor-made staffing services including managed document review, data collection, preservation and handling, and eDiscovery consulting. Our team matches the experience and skill set of potential candidates with our client’s specific business needs to produce versatile results and minimize risk. Our team of Executive Recruiters will find the most competent, highly qualified candidates to assist with the entire process, from data collection to final review and processing. We have deep industry connections and experience to successfully assist you in achieving your goal and drive business efficiencies.

Contact us to learn more about our eDiscovery staffing and recruitment services.